New ‘Daleks’ animated series announced!

BBC have today announced ‘The Daleks’  animated series! The series will form part of ‘Time Lord Victorious’, with a five-part CGI animation launching in November this year.

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Horror ‘B’ Movies – Bats (1999)

In the run up to Halloween this year; I’m looking at some horror ‘B’ movies that are watched mostly for the sheer comic value of the laughable story, production & performances. Horror is a genre which continues to deliver this type of film in spades.
These films have picked up a cult following over the years however.

Bats (1999)
IMDb 3.6/10 Rotten Tomatoes 17% Budget £6.5 Million / Opening $4.7 Millionbatslc1bats
The eponymous ‘batastrophe‘ from director Louis Morneau is a comedy of errors right from the start; but not intentionally so. It also deserves some kind of award for the number of times the characters say the name of the film. The ludicrous plot borrows heavily from many stereotypes of the small town horror/disaster genre and the result is only worth watching for the comic value.  It did manage to spawn a TV movie sequel ‘Bats: Human Harvest (2007)‘ for the SyFy channel. The bats here are a poor patchwork of CGI, animatronics and real bats. Continue reading