Child’s Play Co-Screenwriter John Lafia Dies at 63

John Lafia, who co-wrote 1988 horror film Child’s Play and also co-wrote and directed Child’s Play 2, has passed away aged 63.

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Interview with Alex Vincent (Childs Play, Cult Of Chucky)

We recently spoke with actor Alex Vincent about his role as Andy Barclay in the Child’s Play franchise as well as life offscreen.

“Chucky gets a lot more takes than anyone else does” 

Horror Month: Interview with Christine Elise McCarthy (Childs Play 2)

Horror Month – June 2015

MV5BMjEyODM5MDA0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjI1MjE1MDE@._V1_UY317_CR127,0,214,317_AL_We spoke with actress Christine Elise McCarthy; known for her role as Kyle in Childs Play 2. She has also had many other Film roles including Vanishing Point, Body Snatchers and TV roles including recurring characters in ER and Beverly Hills 90210.

“….The other thing I loved was – at the screening – seeing that iconic Universal logo at the start of the film. I am a huge film fan & old movies always started with those classic images – like the MGM lion.  Seeing the Universal logo made me feel like a movie star.”

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