Fiona Dourif confirmed for Don Mancini’s Chucky TV series

Fiona Dourif will reprise her role of Nica on the upcoming USA and Syfy horror show Chucky, a continuation of the Child’s Play killer doll franchise.

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Cast announcements for Don Mancini’s Chucky TV series

After a delay caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, Don Mancini‘s Chucky TV series is getting ready to begin production.

Today some further casting was announced.

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Don Mancini’s Chucky TV Series Coming 2021 – Teaser Released

The Child’s Play franchise is headed to the small screen with the upcoming Chucky series. Today we learnt some fresh details on the upcoming project.

Franchise creator Don Mancini will be writing and executive producing the series with David Kirschner and Nick Antosca. Mancini has promised a “fresh take on the franchise” with a series that’ll “explore Chucky’s character with a depth that is uniquely afforded by the television series format.”

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In Search Of Darkness: Kickstarter’s hottest campaign that will quench your bloodlust !!!!

CreatorVC Studios have recently launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund “THE DEFINITIVE ’80S HORROR DOCUMENTARY”.

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Interview with Alex Vincent (Childs Play, Cult Of Chucky)

We recently spoke with actor Alex Vincent about his role as Andy Barclay in the Child’s Play franchise as well as life offscreen.

“Chucky gets a lot more takes than anyone else does” 

Horror Month: Top 10 ‘Horror Moms’

Horror Month – June 2015

As part of our Friday the 13th week we are going to take a look at our favourite  ‘horror moms‘ !!!!!!

These women of horror vary from mild to mad hatter crazy !!!!!

Our Top 10

ExorcistMoeder310) Chris MacNeil (The Exorcist)

9) Martha Thomas (Sleepaway Camp) vlcsnap-00433

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Horror Month: Interview with Brennan Elliot (Curse of Chucky)

Horror Month – June 2015

IMG_0640We spoke with actor Brennan Elliot known in Horror for his role as Ian in 2013’s Curse of Chucky. He has also had many other TV and film roles including Night of the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and recurring roles in the shows such as Strong Medicine and the current Hallmark series Cedar Cove.

“It was an intense experience on set since every scene was emotionally at such a high and personal level. It was like life and death every day…”

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Horror Month: Interview with Christine Elise McCarthy (Childs Play 2)

Horror Month – June 2015

MV5BMjEyODM5MDA0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjI1MjE1MDE@._V1_UY317_CR127,0,214,317_AL_We spoke with actress Christine Elise McCarthy; known for her role as Kyle in Childs Play 2. She has also had many other Film roles including Vanishing Point, Body Snatchers and TV roles including recurring characters in ER and Beverly Hills 90210.

“….The other thing I loved was – at the screening – seeing that iconic Universal logo at the start of the film. I am a huge film fan & old movies always started with those classic images – like the MGM lion.  Seeing the Universal logo made me feel like a movie star.”

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