Kevin Smith announces Clerks III

Writer/director Kevin Smith posted today to his Facebook page about meeting up with Clerks cast member Jeff Anderson at a rare autograph signing session which was also attended by his costar Jason Mewes.

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Filming starts on Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

In a radio interview with 102.5 The Bone radio station Smith teased a Fall 2019 release.

I think we are out in the fall”

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News: Kevin Smith to shoot Mallrats 2 before Clerks III

There have been a lot of casting announcements recently following the news that Kevin Smith would be making a sequel to his second film; Mallrats 2.


We were also told that production had been brought forward to 2015, after filming on his other major project Clerks III.

However, Smith announced today that Mallrats 2 has been pushed forward to shoot before Clerks III due to the availability of a disused mall location he wants for the film which is soon to be demolished.