Texas Chainsaw Massacre actress Kathy Lamkin dies aged 74

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre actress Kathy Lamkin has died aged 74 following a short illness.


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Review: Pocket Listing (2015)

From director Conor Allyn and writer James Jurdi (Reaper); Pocket Listing stars James Jurdi, Rob Lowe, Jessica Clark and Burt Reynolds.

Jack Woodsman (Jurdi) is a hot-shot Realtor in LA who lives the high life until he gets too greedy and gets on the wrong side of his employer (Reynolds) when his fortunes take a turn for the worst until the offer of one last deal pulls him back…….

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Review: The Shoot (2014)

From Wonder Wheel Productions and joint writing/directing team John Adams & Toby Poser ‘The Shoot’ stars John DiMaggio (“Futurama,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”), Keith Allan (“Z Nation,” “Mad Men”), Doug Spearman (Cradle 2 The Grave), and Toby Poser (The Lucky Ones).

The main protagonists are Tommy (Adams) & Dougie (Sam Rodd); a pair of struggling musicians that are in debt to a loan shark represented by token ‘Bad Guy’ Steve (DiMaggio) while trying finish off their recording sessions. Continue reading

Review: Motivational Growth (2013)

 Originally reviewed for Battle Royale With Cheese

Motivational Growth‘ is the 2013 dark comedy/horror film from Writer/Director Don Thacker and has already been well received on the festival circuit; winning several awards.


The story revolves around Ian Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni); a reclusive slacker who dispels his own schizophrenic, self-effacing view of the world. The film opens with an excellent stylised montage of retro trash TV as Folivor flicks between channels on his old TV set ‘Kent’; his only companion as he spends his life on the couch. When the set malfunctions Folivor attempts to bring an end to his miserable existence; he wakes up after knocking himself unconscious only to discover The Mold (voiced by horror veteran Jeffrey Combs) is talking to him. He starts to take advice from The Mold and begins to clean up his act but as the story continues we see this relationship turn sinister; think Little Shop of Horrors but without the songs.   Continue reading

Billy Bob Thornton Starring In Fargo Mini Series

Billy Bob Thornton Starring In Fargo Miniseries | Movie News | Empire.

A project approved by the Coen Brothers. Could this be their break into the TV market?