Review: Doctor Who – Colony of Fear

Review by Jacob Licklider

As we move into the final three months of Big Finish’s oldest Doctor Who range, we begin to see releases which were essentially reactions to the current situation.  Whatever original plans were made to end the Monthly Range had to quickly be scrapped due to the pandemic as recording moved to remote sessions in home studios and a specific Fifth Doctor release delayed indefinitely.  There are only 3 releases planned for 2021, one Sixth Doctor for release 273, one Fifth Doctor for 274, and one final multi-Doctor extravaganza to say goodbye to the range at release 275. Release number 273 has now been released, the day this review is being written, and with it comes a Big Finish story that feels like it’s taken a page from Chris Chibnall’s book, but then improved it greatly.  Colony of Fear is a story which relies on its twist which decontextualised what the audience knows about the Doctor in a lot of ways, and as such reviewing this story will contain spoilers concerning the twist.  If you are simply wishing to know if Colony of Fear is worth your money, this review will end with the line: Colony of Fear may not be the absolute best story from Roland Moore or Big Finish Productions, it is a fascinating time that begs to have a sequel if only to get these characters back to listeners, giving this final trilogy a great start.  Right now that that’s out of the way on to the review with full spoilers in effect.

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