Season 22 announced as the next Doctor Who – The Collection Blu-ray release

The first full season for Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor – season 22 is the next release to come to Blu-ray ‘The Collection’ range.

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Review: Charlotte Pollard – The Further Adventuress

Review by Jacob Licklider

My first Big Finish Audio Drama was Storm Warning, it was 2014, and Big Finish had at some point previously put the first fifty main range on sale for $2.99. Charlotte Pollard was my first companion and now, twenty years later, Big Finish are releasing Charlotte Pollard: The Further Adventuress to commemorate India Fisher’s Charley Pollard and taking the Eighth Doctor back to his early days. Paul McGann is clearly having a blast in all four stories, giving life to an Eighth Doctor unblemished by the loss of friends or the Time War, something which we haven’t seen since Big Finish revisited the Lucie Miller era in 2019. Whenever they decide to revisit this version of the Eighth Doctor, McGann breathes a new life into the character and reuniting him with India Fisher helps the nostalgia of that era bleed into the tone of each of the stories. None of the stories are particularly dark or disturbing, they all at least reference the arc of the time that Charley Pollard should have been killed on the R-101, but most importantly they allow two friends a chance to perform together for the first time in nearly a decade since the 50th Anniversary in The Light at the End.

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Doctor Who Season 14 gets Standard BluRay re-release

Season 14 of Doctor Who: The Collection is the next Blu-ray title to be re-issued in standard packaging after Season 26. The set is due for release 26th Feb 2021.

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Review: Doctor Who – Watchers

Review by Jacob Licklider

The Audio Novels range is the newest Doctor Who range from Big Finish Productions, essentially taking over from their original printed short story collections which ran until 2009 when they lost the license to print Doctor Who books. Several of the short stories would find their way as Subscriber Short Trips, four released a year, but with the ending of The Monthly Range and the normal Short Trips range being moved to box sets 2021 saw the introduction of The Audio Novels with Scourge of the Cybermen, essentially released every six months in January and July. The second installment is also an interesting contribution as it isn’t from an established writer, but an actor. Matthew Waterhouse wrote Watchers, a seven-hour audiobook set after The Keeper of Traken and exploring the final days of the Fourth Doctor, in universe, bridging the gap to Logopolis. It is an interesting look at the end of the Tom Baker era from a meta-textual standpoint as Waterhouse uses it to ultimately comment on how each of the three producers during the run produced the show, and especially how stark a contrast Season 18 was in respect to the end of the Graham Williams era. Gone was the previous era’s characteristic humour, brought into stark contract as Season 17 was script edited by Douglas Adams and was an out and out comedy.

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BBC America to stop funding of Doctor Who ‘lost’ stories animations

The Daily Mirror reported today (12th January) that the BBC plans to no longer animate anymore ‘lost’ Doctor Who episodes due to funding issues.


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Koch Media announces new classic Doctor Who ‘behind-the-scenes’ releases

The latest Doctor Who ‘behind-the-scenes’ release from Koch Media has been announced, focusing on the second and third Doctors.

The Doctors The Pat Troughton Years Behind the Scenes Volume - PACKSHOT

These sets offer the definitive interviews with the production team who brought Doctor Who to life and sent you “behind the sofa”!

The Doctors The Jon Pertwee Years Behind the Scenes Volume 2 - PACKSHOT

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Review: Doctor Who – Forty

Review by Jacob Licklider

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic making time feel incredibly compressed, it is now 2022, and with 2022 comes Big Finish Productions’ new format for release, something that had been slowly introduced throughout 2021. Everything’s a three-disc box set and the first release of the year, like the first release of 2021, is a celebratory anniversary set, this time celebrating Peter Davison’s 40th anniversary as the Fifth Doctor with the first of two box sets under the umbrella label Forty. The premise of what is essentially the Fifth Doctor’s consciousness being catapulted across his timeline in no particular order, both forwards and backwards from his second story, Four to Doomsday, to Season 20, and as the brief for the second set implies, Season 21. Unlike last year’s Masterful, Forty isn’t a single story, but a series of interconnected stories with this volume containing the four-part Secrets of Telos and the two-part God of War with the second not currently having all of its story details announced (only one story has a title, The Auton Infinity). The story arc of the sets doesn’t actually get close to an explanation, ending with the Doctor still being catapulted around his timeline. There is a nice thematic through-line for the first set with the Doctor being taken in the first story to a time after Earthshock where he finds out Adric’s fate while going back in the second story to several stories below the young companion’s demise meaning the Doctor has to face the fact that he knows where Adric is going and actively has to move him towards that fate. Continue reading

Classic Doctor Who monster to return for spring special

The Doctor, Yaz and Dan face a familiar foe in Legend of the Sea Devils – coming this Spring.

A first look at Doctor Who’s Spring special has revealed the long-awaited return of the Sea Devils, a classic monster first seen with the Third Doctor in The Sea Devils.

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Review: The Year of Martha Jones

Review byJacob Licklider


The Year of Martha Jones is the third Big Finish Box Set spin-off featuring a companion from Russell T. Davies’ run as Doctor Who’s showrunner. Recorded in February 2020, but not released until December 2021, this release was a long time coming, having been leaked on performer’s online CVs, but it was only announced in 2021. While certain forums have speculated what kept this release on the back-burner for so long (only Tom Baker’s banked releases, which have been kept back for a number of years, and the missing Fifth Doctor/Marc Monthly Range stories, which were pulled due to the pandemic, have had this kind of a delay in even being announced), yet the only concrete development can be gained from the behind the scenes mentioning that it was originally planned to be a four disc set, reduced to three, and that the same month that this was being recorded, Freema Agyeman reprised her role as Martha Jones in Torchwood: Dissected.

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Dan Slott to write new Doctor Who comics

Titan Comics is thrilled to announce that Eisner Award-Winning writer Dan Slott (Spider-Man) will pen three separate annual Doctor Who comic book one-shots.

Dan’s 2022 special will feature the Tenth Doctor and companion Martha Jones, and will hit stores in April.

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