Interview with Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall

Doctor Who: Flux, Jodie Whittaker’s new collection of adventures start on Sunday 31st October with Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse.

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Review: Doctor Who – Dalek Universe 3

Review by Jacob Licklider

With each installment in Dalek Universe, the scope and tension has been building to unravel the mystery of just what’s happening with the universe that the Tenth Doctor is now before the Time War and with Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven. The initial promotion as a full fourth series for the Tenth Doctor was perhaps the most accurate description of the three box sets as a whole, all taking place right after The Waters of Mars; and Dalek Universe 3 sets up The Day of the Doctor, and actually helps transition the Tenth Doctor towards the end of his life. Like the first set, Dalek Universe 3 is only two stories, a single episode and two parts, essentially echoing the structure of one of his televised series (without the third two-parter to fill in the usual thirteen episodes as this is only nine episodes). And with any finale, this set is built around wrapping everything up from the heartbreaking installments at the end of Dalek Universe 2. This review will contain spoilers for Dalek Universe 2, so it is highly recommended to at least be caught up with the stories to this point before continuing. This is also a set which cannot be listened to in isolation, despite its high quality.

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‘Doctor Who: Flux’ trailer released

The BBC have released the first trailer for Doctor Who’s 13th Season titled Doctor Who: Flux which sees Jodie Whittaker appearing in her final series as The Doctor alongside Mandip Gill and series newcomer John Bishop.


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Doctor Who Series 13 air date announced/ teaser released

Series 13 of Doctor Who has an official airdate, with Jodie Whittaker’s new collection of adventures confirmed to be kicking off on Sunday 31st October.


This follows the recent news that 13th Doctor actress Jodie Whittaker and show-runner Chris Chibnall are set to leave the iconic BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who. Their time on the show will culminate with a trio of Specials, culminating in an epic blockbuster Special to air in autumn 2022 as part of the BBC’s Centenary celebrations.

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Doctor Who launches viral marketing campaign

After a series of cryptic tweets, all of the official BBC Doctor Who social media accounts have been seemingly disappeared, leading fans to ask “Where Is Doctor Who?” Continue reading

Fourth Doctor season 17 ‘The Collection’ BluRay announced

The penultimate season for Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor, with a full season of Lalla Ward as Romana, is the next release to come to Blu-ray with Season 17 – due for release December 13th 2021.

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A new Doctor Who Science Exhibition will tour the UK

Ready to learn about the science behind Doctor Who?

BBC Studios and Sarner International today announce a brand new exhibition, Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder: Where Science meets Fiction. The exhibit will explore the science behind Doctor Who and will give fans a chance to experience the Doctor’s adventures from a scientific perspective.

Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder: Where Science meets Fiction will be touring the UK from May 2022, with further international tours dates being planned.

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Russell T Davies returning to BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’

In a shock announcement Russell T Davies (Doctor Who, Queer as Folk, It’s a Sin) will make an explosive return as showrunner for the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who for the 60th Anniversary in 2023, and new series beyond that.  BBC Studios are partnering with Bad Wolf to produce the series. The news follows the announcement that Chris Chibnall & Jodie Whittaker are due to exit the show after the upcoming series and some specials air into next year.

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Review: Doctor Who – The 11th Doctor Chronicles (Volume 2)

Review by Jacob Licklider

The ‘Doctor Chronicles’ is one of those ranges that exists out of necessity, despite what certain corners of social media would have you believe. With the acquisition of the Doctor Who license up to Twice Upon a Time, but only David Tennant officially coming back to the role of the Doctor (and even then not as much as Big Finish would like due to his busy schedule), the types of stories with New Series characters that could be told became limited. Essentially there had to be spin-offs such as Torchwood and The Paternoster Gang, or Short Trips like The Jago and Litefoot Revival. But with The Companion Chronicles being one of Big Finish’s more highly acclaimed ranges, adapting the format to the Ninth through Twelfth Doctors with one narrator and one guest, beginning release in 2017. After one release for each Doctor, the BBC intervened and suggested that the series move away from the initial format and into a full-cast audio format, making this range the only full-cast adventures for the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors (as Eccleston has returned to the role and Tennant has increased his output). This change begins with The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles: Volume Two which stars Jacob Dudman in the role as the Doctor. While Big Finish use Dudman for the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors it is actually his Eleventh where his performance excels. Throughout this set he captures the voice of Matt Smith’s portrayal, while adding a depth that many of Smith’s episodes seemed to lack, an emotional core rarely seen during that period of the Moffat era. Each of these stories are set in between The Angels Take Manhattan and The Snowmen, and there is this something that Dudman can coax out of the character, it was seen here and in his cameo in Thin Time/Madquake last year. It is also perhaps important to note that this review is coming from the perspective of someone who is not the biggest fan of the Eleventh Doctor.

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