Review: Chasing Leia (2020) – a short film about fandom and addiction.

Chasing Leia is the short film debut from writer/director Henry Wentworth; who also appears in the film. The story follows Billie (Harry Wight); a recovering addict as he battles with his addiction and inner demons with the aid of his group of friends; who are all members of the local comic book/pop culture geek community.  

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Review: The Lookalike (2014)

From director Richard Grey and writer Michele Davis-Gray, The Lookalike is a gritty noir thriller starring Justin Long (also a Producer on the film), Gillian Jacobs, John Corbett & Steven Bauer.

This plays like any other drug deal gone bad, mixed-morals thriller. I did however find the plot baffling and hard to follow at times. The screenplay seems to assume you will figure out the back story as you go along as there are no real exposition scenes at the start of the film. It uses that old device of introducing us gradually to the characters intertwining tales; but this has been done better by others many times before.

Justin Long playslookalike1 Holt, the socially-conscious flatmate of drug dealer Joe who sparks up a romance with junkie Lacey (Gillian Jacobs); but as the story develops we see there is more to this interaction than meets the eye. Long turns in his usual quirky performance. Continue reading