Jon Watts to produce Final Destination 6 for HBO Max

Fresh from the $1.5 billion–grossing (and growing) Spider-Man: No Way Home, filmmaker Jon Watts has signed on to produce Final Destination 6 for New Line Cinema.

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Review: Don’t Look Back from writer/director Jeffrey Reddick (FRIGHTFEST 2020)

Review by Paul Grammatico

In the current climate we witness actions and; more often, inactions with certain incidents and events. As a result of these actions or inactions, there can be severe consequences. Hood River Entertainment’s latest offering Don’t Look Back is a stark, dark, and excellent exploration of the very essence of karma.

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Interview: Jeffrey Reddick talks Final Destination, Day of the Dead, directing ‘Don’t Look Back’ and more!

We were delighted to speak with Jeffrey Reddick; the writer and creator of the massively successful supernatural horror Final Destination which has spawned it’s own franchise, ahead of the world premiere of his directorial debut Don’t Look Back at Frightfest 2020 (October Edition).

“I’m not scared of monsters or ghosts or hockey masked killers. The thing that really scares me is how easily people can turn on each other”

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Review: Good Samaritan (Short – 2014)

Review by Jay Kay (Host of Horror Happens Radio Show)

Good SamaritanIn a voyeuristic world that at any time someone could be watching you from your laptop, inside your car, from their window into your home perhaps even across a field comes the powerful tale of revenge, fear and dealing with guilt from FINAL DESTINATION and TAMARA scribe Jeffrey Reddick entitled the GOOD SAMARTIAN. Known for smart screenwriting that established one of the most successful film franchises in the last twenty years (FINAL DESTINATION series). Reddick takes the helm on this project writing and directing his first short film which focuses a sharp and dark eye on the news/multi-media spin machine’s perception of what is right and wrong in today’s society. The GOOD SAMARTIAN shows us the horror of a generation that would choose to not get involved rather than be able to help those in need. Continue reading