Review: Char Man

Char Man is a found footage horror movie from writing/directing duo Kurt Ela & Kipp Tribble who also appear as main cast in the film.

Two friends visit fire-ravaged Ojai, California, intent on making a fake documentary about the infamous Ojai Vampire. However, things take a bizarre and frightening turn when they learn about a different local legend: The Char Man.

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Review: Greywood’s Plot (2019)

Greywood’s Plot is a Noir horror/comedy from writer/director Josh Stifter (The Good Exorcist) who also stars in the film. The story follows Dom (Stifter) who still lives in his mom’s (Kim Fagan) basement and has a sense of desperation about him you can almost smell coming off the screen. His one passion in life is a monster-hunting web series that he makes with his in-different friend Miles (Keith Radichel), who is non-the-less dragged along for the ride. Continue reading

DVD Review: Hazard (2013)

Hazard blends psuedo Reality TV & Found Footage; although it isn’t really a found footage movie, released on DVD in the UK by 101 Films.

Written and directed by Lou Simon the film stars Norbert Velez, Aniela McGuinness and Todd Bruno.

Based around the fictional hidden-camera pranks show ‘Scary Antics’ where a group of friends wants to set up Jacob, a disturbed young man who is having problems adjusting after his father’s death, at a chemical factory.  Jacob is convinced that the factory is haunted, and now Scary Antics is going to prove him right.

You might think that this film is heading to an obvious conclusion but it’s not the one you might expect; the second and third acts of this film are much more interesting than the premise.

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Review: Unfriended

Written by Lewis Mainwaring & Benjamin Gummery.

Unfriended (originally released in 2014 as Cyber-natural at the Fantasia Festival) is a ‘found footage’ supernatural horror film directed by Levan Gabriadze, written by Nelson Greaves, and produced by Timur Bekmambetov, Jason Blum, and Greaves. The film is a joint venture between Universal & Blumhouse Productions; although shot independently. Continue reading