‘Happy Death Day’ and ‘Freaky’ directors next project confirmed

Writer/director Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U, Freaky) is set to produce his next horror/genre project. ‘Time Cut is described as “Back to the Future meets Scream.” That’s all we know about this one for now, as plot details are under wraps.

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Trailer released for body-swap horror/comedy ‘Freaky’

Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U director Christopher Landon is recently been teasing a brand new horror/comedy with an original concept titled Freaky, releasing November 13 2020 and the trailer has just been released.

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Review: Happy Death Day 2U

Written by Lewis Mainwaring & Benjamin Gummery

Spoiler Free

Happy Death Day 2U is a 2019 American sci-fi slasher film written and directed by Christopher Landon. It stars Jessica RotheIsrael Broussard, Phi VuSuraj Sharma, and Ruby Modine.

The film is a direct sequel to 2017’s Happy Death Day, with Jason Blum again serving as a producer through his Blumhouse Productions company.

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