Review: The Companion Chronicles – The Second Doctor (Vol 3)

Review by Jacob Licklider

The Companion Chronicles have the distinction of being the second longest and consistently running Doctor Who range at Big Finish Productions. They began in 2007 and released several single releases to 2014 before switching to yearly boxsets between 2015 and 2019. A box set was announced for release in June 2020, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Second Doctor: Volume Three was plagued with production delays, finally having production finish in late 2021 for release in 2022. Among this rumours spread that the Companion Chronicles would be ending with this volume which have not yet been confirmed, though there is some contradictory evidence of actors mentioning recording a release which hasn’t been announced while higher ups mentioning that this would be the final installment in the range.If this truly is to be the final release of the range (and I truly hope it isn’t) it is a stellar release for the range to go out on, finding creative ways to explore the entirety of the Second Doctor’s era and not limit itself to the Companion Chronicles’ two-hander format as it’s rumoured Big Finish will be taking the range towards a more full cast approach if it is to continue.

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Review: The Companion Chronicles – The First Doctor (Vol 3)

Review by Michael Goleniewski

The Companion Chronicles range returns to the era of the First Doctor with the latest Companion Chronicles release, The First Doctor Volume Three. It’s a series that has presented some of the earliest examples of great Doctor Who storytelling with 2017’s Volume 2 containing two of my personal favourite First Doctor adventures in Across the Darkened City and The Plague of Dreams. I’m always glad to see these releases continuing and this particular volume is no exception with a strong theme around the concept of heroes and how they are perceived and seen by those around them. How does it stand up compared its predecessors? Let’s take a look: Continue reading

Review: Short Trips – The Man Who Wasn’t There

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

There are so many places to take short trips and the writers over at Big Finish being ever inventive haven’t run out of styles of storytelling yet. Continue reading