Review: The Lone Centurion (Vol. 1)

Review by Jacob Licklider

With David Tennant joining Big Finish in 2016, and the recent return of Christopher Eccleston in a series of four box sets, the New Series representation at Big Finish increased; yet Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor has thus far been relegated to Short Trips and The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles due to only Alex Kingston’s participation in Big Finish. However, an announcement of a two volume spin-off following the Auton Rory Williams while he guards the Pandorica in a now deleted universe brings Arthur Darvill back to the worlds of Doctor Who in a release that nobody was quite expecting. Rory Williams is one of those characters which you really don’t know what to expect, often taking a back seat in episodes and only given companion status by the start of Darvill’s second series in the role. Rory is essentially comic relief and on the surface relegated to supporting roles, so The Lone Centurion is something which doesn’t actually have anything to go on in terms of what it can accomplish, complicated by the fact that as an Auton Rory is more difficult to kill as this takes place in between The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang. The premise is intriguing: the Pandorica has gone missing meaning that Amy has gone missing, and Rory is attempting to find it, shenanigans ensue. Continue reading

Review: Doctor Who – The Sixth Doctor and Peri (Volume One)

Review by Jacob Licklider

So, the final trilogy of the main range in 2014 was a Sixth Doctor and Peri trilogy set after The Trial of a Time Lord. Named (mainly by myself and my mutual) as the Salty Peri trilogy as the relationship between Peri and the Doctor was established to be rocky at best. They’re still friends, but the abandonment issues and the interference from the Time Lords changed the dynamic drastically. Sadly, after the trilogy the next stories to feature Peri would be firmly placed before The Trial of a Time Lord, but this month saw the release of The Sixth Doctor and Peri: Volume One, a box set follow up to the 2014 trilogy with four hour-long stories produced for the 20th anniversary of Doctor Who at Big Finish. These four stories are from five writers who obviously have a love for this TARDIS team, all of whom have lovingly recreated the atmosphere of that trilogy through unique tales. Continue reading

Review: Doctor Who – Time Apart

Review by Michael Goleniewski

The Fifth Doctor is on his own. After the events of “Conversion” and seeing yet another friend fall victim to one of his greatest foes, the Doctor has left his companions behind on an alien world and is traveling alone to give himself some time to think and recuperate. “Time Apart” as a release picks up more or less right where that story left off and is an anthology of adventures for the Doctor in Earth’s history set in the vein of releases such as “Breaking Bubbles” or “Circular Time”. Continue reading

Arthur Darvill returns to the Doctor Who universe

Friend of the Eleventh Doctor, husband of Amy Pond, and guardian of the Pandorica, Arthur Darvill returns as Rory in his own full-cast audio series from Big Finish Productions.

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Review: Bernice Summerfield – The Glass Prison

Review by Jacob Licklider

The Bernice Summerfield Range is Big Finish’s flagship, running with releases since the company’s founding in 1998 with audios and novels being the two staples for the character, succeeding Virgin Publishing’s series of Benny novels.  With publishing audios and novels side by side, early story arcs crossed over and continued; often alternating between novel and audio, especially with the first five Benny novels and second series of Benny audios creating a difficult continuity when the books went out of print.  They infamously go to high prices to get editions of these books, but this problem has been uplifted in the past year as Big Finish Productions have produced audiobook readings of these books, all read by Benny herself, Lisa Bowerman. The final book in this sequence is Bernice Summerfield and the Glass Prison written by Jacqueline Rayner; which could easily be described as completing the character arc that the VNAs and the previous four Big Finish books had begun.  The audiobook production, like all of the previous Benny audiobooks, are the barebones readings with no music and no sound effects putting much of the weight on the reader’s shoulders.  Luckily, with Lisa Bowerman (who plays Benny) the listener is in safe hands. Bowerman takes the numerous characters in her stride, including those who appear in audios giving her best impression of actors like Stephen Fewell, Harry Myers, Steven Wickam, and Miles Richardson.  There is a real habitation of each character as Bowerman makes enough of a distinction between characters, so the listener knows who is speaking and has her own voice for the narration.  Continue reading

The Master will return in a new collection of stories!

BBC Books will publish Doctor Who: I Am the Master – Tales of the Renegade Time Lord, a collection of stories featuring the Doctor’s best enemy.

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