Review: Doctor Who – Plight of the Pimpernel

Review by Michael Goleniewski

The first of two Big Finish Main releases for December 2020, ‘Plight of the Pimpernel’ sees the Sixth Doctor and Peri caught in the middle of one of the most infamous events in European history. France 1793; the French Revolution and the bloody Reign of Terror are in full swing with heads rolling from the blade of the ‘National Razor’ on a daily basis. It’s a radical and deadly time for the population of the country but a few small lights of hope are working to make a difference, including a mysterious masked hero saving lives in the country and calling himself the Scarlet Pimpernel. But as to who the Pimpernel actually is and who is hiding under the mask, that’s where things get a little strange as the Pimpernel is supposed to be a fictional character and not an actual force for good. With the Doctor and Peri in extended undercover in England and several forces human and inhuman working to put the Pimpernel out of commission, the situation is about to get even more complicated than even the TARDIS team is anticipating to the point where an understudy of sorts may be required to figure things out and save the day…..

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Review: Doctor Who – The Sixth Doctor and Peri (Volume One)

Review by Jacob Licklider

So, the final trilogy of the main range in 2014 was a Sixth Doctor and Peri trilogy set after The Trial of a Time Lord. Named (mainly by myself and my mutual) as the Salty Peri trilogy as the relationship between Peri and the Doctor was established to be rocky at best. They’re still friends, but the abandonment issues and the interference from the Time Lords changed the dynamic drastically. Sadly, after the trilogy the next stories to feature Peri would be firmly placed before The Trial of a Time Lord, but this month saw the release of The Sixth Doctor and Peri: Volume One, a box set follow up to the 2014 trilogy with four hour-long stories produced for the 20th anniversary of Doctor Who at Big Finish. These four stories are from five writers who obviously have a love for this TARDIS team, all of whom have lovingly recreated the atmosphere of that trilogy through unique tales. Continue reading

Review: Doctor Who – Blood On Santa’s Claw

Review by Michael Goleniewski

‘Blood on Santa’s Claw’ represents Big Finish’s Doctor Who Christmas special as well as the only real holiday special we’re going to get for 2019 (minus the Thirteenth Doctor comic special that won’t be looked at until next year). The release is an anthology set of four stories featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri and represents a few big milestones for the team being the first real holiday story they’ve gotten as well as introducing a new companion in Peri’s new boyfriend, singer Joe Carnaby played by Luke Allen-Gale. It’s an interesting idea and one that deserves attention and acknowledgment for being so out of the blue in giving a relatively lesser-known Classic Doctor a Christmas special and (provided it’s good) should be something Big Finish should definitely take to heart for each holiday season with other older Doctors. Continue reading

Review – Doctor Who Short Trips: Rulebook

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Well, let’s just put it out there; this story was perfect as a short trip. It never felt rushed to fit the short time allowed, it made perfect sense and had a story that fells like it was longer than it was in the best way. Continue reading

Film & Comic Con Cardiff 2016

Event ReportersLewis Mainwaring & Ben Gummery

This was our third ‘con’ as ‘Official Press’ thanks to Showmasters !!!!  Held at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena the home of South Wales geekery. Continue reading