Review: Torchwood – The Crown

Review by Jacob Licklider

When Torchwood was first conceived as an arc for Series 2 of Doctor Who it was established in universe by Queen Victoria, so having Big Finish Productions producing a series of audio dramas based on Torchwood, doing releases with Queen Victoria as a prominent character is a given.  Big Finish Productions cast Rowena Cooper in the role; and several monthly range releases, and an appearance in The Torchwood Archive established her as the definitive Queen Victoria.  The final Torchwood monthly range release for 2020 is The Crown which is promoted with a striking image of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria in a straitjacket and padded cell with a skeleton looming.  This image, combined with a vague product description, can only lead a potential listener to buy this on intrigue.

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Review: Torchwood – Save Our Souls

Review by Michael Goleniewski

On a remote island in the middle of the sea, a strange supernatural presence is being picked up on the radio, a voice that supposedly knows the future from beyond the grave. The superstitiously hungry Queen Victoria (on behalf of Torchwood) has arrived eager to learn more with a seance, some new technology, and a spiritual medium in tow. But when the manipulative voices call out with truths from the past as well as a dark warning, each person on the island from the highest of royalty to the lowest servant is about to be put in the gravest of danger…..

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Big Finish announce 10th Anniversary adventure ‘The Torchwood Archive’

To celebrate Torchwood’s tenth anniversary in October, Big Finish have announced an extra-special new release Torchwood – The Torchwood Archive; a two-disc special release coming in October from Big Finish, celebrating ten years of the massively popular Doctor Who spin-off by bringing together a host of familiar faces in a brand new adventure from writer and producer James Goss:


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