Review: A Night of Horror – Nightmare Radio

Review by Paul Grammatico

When I was a small child, I was surrounded by much older adolescents when my family resided at a summer cottage in the woods in Northern Michigan. In the flames of nocturnal bonfires, I became petrified by the folklore, urban legends, and other horror stories that were expertly regaled by the various voices that penetrated my mind within the crackling flames. These stories shaped my childhood and made me a maven of the unusual and unexplained with terror being a byproduct which entered my cerebral cortex. Black Mandala and Uncork’d Entertainment’s newest horror anthology A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio brings those tales to the terrestrial airwaves.

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Review: ‘Vicious Dogs Attack Me In Sleepless Nights of Summer’ audiobook (A collection of prose from ‘Clerks’ actor Scott Schiaffo)

In ‘Vicious Dogs Attack Me In Sleepless Nights of Summer’ his bold collection of ‘prose, tales, and streams of semi-consciousness’, actor and musician Scott Schiaffo (Clerks, Vulgar) takes you through the depths of existential angst, addiction, and near-death experiences. This book reflects a troubling time in a gifted man’s journey. Schiaffo released this book of collected poetry and short stories in 2014. The book is a culmination of material written during 1986 through 1998, when the author was deep in the throes of alcoholism and drug addiction. He has now released a new audio book version for Audible; read by the author himself (also available on CD, Kindle or the original Paperback)

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DVD Review: The Doctors – Heroes and Villians (Koch Media)

THE DOCTORS: HEROES AND VILLAINS is a newly filmed DVD release set of interviews with the team of actors who brought the heroes and villains in Doctor Who to life and sent you ‘behind the sofa’! This production is distributed Koch Media; the company behind Doctor Who spin-offs such as Wartime (starring John Levene) and the Mindgame Saga (starring Sophie Aldred).

“For all Doctor Who fans, this 2-disc special collector’s edition is 5 hours of pure nostalgia, which will give you a whole new insight into the making of your favourite science fiction series!”

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Review: Don’t Look Back from writer/director Jeffrey Reddick (FRIGHTFEST 2020)

Review by Paul Grammatico

In the current climate we witness actions and; more often, inactions with certain incidents and events. As a result of these actions or inactions, there can be severe consequences. Hood River Entertainment’s latest offering Don’t Look Back is a stark, dark, and excellent exploration of the very essence of karma.

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Audio Review: Star Cops – Mars (Part 2)

Review by Ian McArdell

Mars 2, the latest Star Cops audio release, concludes the current storyline for the International Space Police Force. Based on Chris Boucher’s short-lived 1987 television series, this audio drama stars David Calder as Commander Nathan Spring, a canny copper determined to build a presence for law and order in orbit.

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Sci-fi thriller ‘Peripheral’ gets UK release

From director Paul Hyett and writer Dan Schaffer comes the new psychological thriller/horrorPeripheral‘. The film had it’s UK premiere as part of the FrightFest halloween event in 2018 and stars Hannah Arterton, Elliot James Langridge, Rosie Day & Jenny Seagrove. The film is now set to be released digitally in the UK on August 3, 2020; courtesy of Blue Finch Films.

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Review: Madness In The Method – Out in UK on June 8th

Madness in the Method is the directorial Debut from Jason Mewes (Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot) who also stars in the film as an exagerated, ‘alternate universe’ version of himself. The film was produced by Dominic Burns (Allies) who also wrote the script (with Chris Anastasi) with Jason in mind.

Legendary stoner actor Jason Mewes is tired of Hollywood’s perception of him. So upon advice from his best friend Kevin Smith, Jason seeks out a highly secretive, powerful method-acting book, determined to reinvent himself as a serious actor and take revenge upon those who have kept him on the margins. Hollywood better get ready… Jason Mewes is about to show you his dark side!

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Review: Parkland Rising (2020)

A few years ago you may never have heard of Parkland or Emma Gonzalez. This changed forever on Valentines Day (February 14th) 2018, when a gunman opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 people and injuring 17 others. Witnesses identified the gunman as a 19-year-old former student at the school and the incident made headlines around the world. But perhaps, we still remember this incident in particular amongst a sad toll of similar incidents before and since thanks to the undeniably incredible political activism it has led to; led mostly by the surviving students and most notably student activist Emma Gonzalez who was instrumental in organising the March For Our Lives movement.

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Review: Short Trips – Regeneration Impossible

Review by Michael Goleniewski

In the midst of his self-imposed exile in Victorian London during “The Snowmen”, the Eleventh Doctor decides to ‘investigate’ a spike in levels of artron energy coming from a mortuary nearby. He soon encounters a man with greying hair who claims to be him trapped and channeling regenerative energy into the dead bodies in the room around him. The Twelfth Doctor has been drawn into a nasty and rather terrifying deathtrap with his entire future at stake and it’s going to take the help of his previous self to save the day…..if the two can find a way to get along that is……

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Review: Torchwood – Iceberg

Review by Jacob Licklider

There really is something special about the way character drama can be done with a two-hander. Writing a story with only two speaking roles means that the author has to get really close with who these people are and what their relationship is; often times testing what their relationship and interactions mean. It’s odd then that in promoting Torchwood: Iceberg, Big Finish Productions don’t really mention this is ‘that’ type of story, instead implying that it’s going to be an examination of the character of Owen Harper, who died and was resurrected via alien technology in Series 2.

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