Review: Doctor Who Lost Stories – Nightmare Country / The Ultimate Evil

Review by Jacob Licklider

The Lost Stories range from Big Finish Productions had a four series run from 2009-2013, making a range of stories entirely out of television stories which for one reason or another never made it to the series. The range ended due to the amount of viable scripts drying up; with remaining stories being from creators who would not allow Big Finish to adapt them for one reason or another or stories which weren’t far enough along in development to facilitate a full adaptation. This year Big Finish have given the range a brief revival with two stories from the 1980s not produced during the original run for the former reason, featuring two distinct Doctors and two distinct feels to their stories.

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The Lost Eighties Doctor Who Stories Are Back!

Two infamously “lost” Doctor Who stories have been resurrected in all their beautifully-produced audio drama glory today, with the original cast returning to bring them back to life – thanks to Big Finish.

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