Review: Doctor Who – Emancipation Of The Daleks

Review by Jacob Licklider

The Audio Novels have released their third installment and instead of continuing to stay in the classic series it adds to the rather low number of Twelfth Doctor novels with Emancipation of the Daleks by Jonathan Morris, a book set in the middle of Series 10. Jonathan Morris was brought on to write the novel and depart from the previous two instalment’s format of six, one-hour episodes. The length is the same with approximately six hours of an audiobook, but it is shifted to three, two-hour episodes roughly the same word count as a televised episode according to the behind the scenes interviews. I’m bringing this up so early since the format of this novel is one of the releases biggest issues, the length of the episodes make it so that a lot of it drags and doesn’t feel like a book. This has been a slight problem with the previous two releases but as Scourge of the Cybermen and Watchers have double the chapters and double the points where the narrative stops and listeners can take a break. And with Jonathan Morris treating each part of Emancipation of the Daleks as it’s own episode, it’s paced as if it is supposed to be a full-cast episode and not an audiobook which makes everything throughout drag. Morris structures the book as three distinct ideas each following a distinct version of Bill Potts, with the inciting incident of the story being Bill Potts from 20 years in the future showing up on her own doorstep in the present before a Dalek spaceship crashes into St. Luke’s University.

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Review: Short Trips – Regeneration Impossible

Review by Michael Goleniewski

In the midst of his self-imposed exile in Victorian London during “The Snowmen”, the Eleventh Doctor decides to ‘investigate’ a spike in levels of artron energy coming from a mortuary nearby. He soon encounters a man with greying hair who claims to be him trapped and channeling regenerative energy into the dead bodies in the room around him. The Twelfth Doctor has been drawn into a nasty and rather terrifying deathtrap with his entire future at stake and it’s going to take the help of his previous self to save the day…..if the two can find a way to get along that is……

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The 13th Doctor is announced!

The wait is finally over for Doctor Who fans, as the identity of the 13th Doctor has been revealed today. Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 10 (Episode 11/12) – On Set Photos & Videos

Spoiler Warning!!!! This post may contain spoilers for Doctor Who Season 10
Filming has begun on the final two episodes of Doctor Who series 10, in Cardiff.

During an evening shoot on 6th March 2017 – Pearl Mackie was seen filming for the upcoming series finale.

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Filming begins on final episodes of Doctor Who Season 10 – Cybermen return!

Filming has begun on the final two episodes of Doctor Who series 10, and the BBC has released this first look image revealing the return of a popular classic monster! Continue reading