Audio Review: Blake’s 7 – Chosen

Review by Ian McArdell

Chosen is the latest Blake’s 7 novel from Big Finish, released in audiobook form. Set in Series A, between the episodes ‘Mission to Destiny’ and ‘Duel’, it meets the crew early on, still working out their dynamic as they deal with a host of dangerous situations. Continue reading

Audio Review: Blake’s 7 – Uprising

Review by Ian McArdell

Released alongside the latest audio drama box set, Restoration Part One, Christopher Cooper’s Uprising is a novel set in the early part of Series B. While the audio dramas may be hemmed into a sweet spot of continuity, no such restrictions hamper prose and so the story takes place between the episodes Shadow and Weapon, and features the full, original line-up of Blake, Vila, Avon, Jenna, Gan, Cally and Orac on board the Liberator, with the relentless Space Commander Travis on their trail. Continue reading