Review: Doctor Who – Time Apart

Review by Michael Goleniewski

The Fifth Doctor is on his own. After the events of “Conversion” and seeing yet another friend fall victim to one of his greatest foes, the Doctor has left his companions behind on an alien world and is traveling alone to give himself some time to think and recuperate. “Time Apart” as a release picks up more or less right where that story left off and is an anthology of adventures for the Doctor in Earth’s history set in the vein of releases such as “Breaking Bubbles” or “Circular Time”. Continue reading

Review: Torchwood – Save Our Souls

Review by Michael Goleniewski

On a remote island in the middle of the sea, a strange supernatural presence is being picked up on the radio, a voice that supposedly knows the future from beyond the grave. The superstitiously hungry Queen Victoria (on behalf of Torchwood) has arrived eager to learn more with a seance, some new technology, and a spiritual medium in tow. But when the manipulative voices call out with truths from the past as well as a dark warning, each person on the island from the highest of royalty to the lowest servant is about to be put in the gravest of danger…..

Continue reading