Review: Happy Death Day 2U

Written by Lewis Mainwaring & Benjamin Gummery

Spoiler Free

Happy Death Day 2U is a 2019 American sci-fi slasher film written and directed by Christopher Landon. It stars Jessica RotheIsrael Broussard, Phi VuSuraj Sharma, and Ruby Modine.

The film is a direct sequel to 2017’s Happy Death Day, with Jason Blum again serving as a producer through his Blumhouse Productions company.

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Review: A Tricky Treat (2015)

ATT“I think for me, every movie I get into has my DNA, my stamp, my signature and my style on it. I love to tell a story that have a purpose that have a strong message and will elevate the audience when they leave no matter.” – Filmmaker Patricia Chica

A lot can be captured, expressed and told in a minute… a critically acclaimed mind, soul and creative spirit like Patricia Chica’s can say so much in such a short amount of time. Whether it is the aspect of community, culture and music within the Montreal area with “Rockabilly 514”. The true reflections of the choices we make, the pleasures we are a part of and the terror of what the consequences may be with “Ceramic Tango” or the power of demons we carry and the aspects of life that we loose and have to cope with till end with “Serpent’s Lullaby”.

“Being a good director is knowing how to pick the good material,”
said Chica.

The 35 time film and television award winning creator continues to make a difference with film, art and the power to invoke. This was no different with the twisted and dark humour tale of justice, frights and irony in “A Tricky Treat”. Conceived originally as a segment of the 2015 “Blood Donation” PSA for the “Women in Horror” Movement, the tale originally called “Ripe N’ Bloody”, the short film packs a twisted message but overall it is three minutes of pure Halloween fun! Continue reading

Jabb Pictures Presents “The Collective” Volume 3 – “10 Minutes to Live” (2012)

bg-1-322691Written by Jay Kay (Host of Horror Happens Radio Show)

The JABB PICTURES mission statement is a scream that echoes the dark hallways of modern day short filmmaking. Based in the Chicago area, “The Collective” is the series of DVD short horror film collections that gives a diverse platform to all filmmakers who dare take on this challenge. Produced and distributed by one of the rising and influential names in underground filmmaking, Jason Hoover, each DVD of “The Collective” finds a different path of creativity, focus and indie spirit. Focusing on the seventh year of “Women in Horror”, there are men in the genre, who are at the for-front of supporting this great cause and do not get noticed for the work they do supporting “Women in Horror”.


JHJason Hoover is one of these men who has for years whether it is positive support and platform for women filmmakers, having the “Etheria Film Night” as a part of the “48 Hour Film Festival” or back in 2012 with volume 3 of “The Collective” series focusing on ten female filmmakers, ten unique stories and “10 Minutes to Live”.



“The one of a kind short film collection that proves it doesn’t take a huge budget to make a great film, it only requires a huge imagination.”

Filmmakers include Vanessa Romanelli, Kate Chaplin, Robbin Panet, Katie Toomey & Kylee Wall, Amy Carmical, ToeTag, Jamie Thomas & Jason Hoover, Christy DeBruler, Athena Prychadko and Taylor Simmons.

Available for purchase at, this short horror film mix tape opens your eyes to the disturbing, powerful and creative visions that these women filmmakers offer. As mentioned earlier, these projects go beyond a budget, in fact, their one mission is to focus on these powerful narratives that offer complex characters, unimaginable choices and horrific visions during their last ten minutes of life. Showcasing a variety in technology, direction, resources and reasons to kill or fight for life, these female filmmakers come from different walks of life which offers the viewer a personal connection and path to these brilliant minds. Ranging from humorous to dramatic to overwhelming but all thought provoking, the storytelling includes facing personal demons and truth (with special cameos by horror icons Steven Dash and Kevin VanHentenryck), turning the tables on a charming predator, disturbing focus of voyeurism, making a choice of death or… life, special suicide pacts, revenge on a cheating spouse, poetic reflections on the final moments of a life, karma of abuse along with more as part of this collection.

Each vision within “The Collective” Volume 3 offers an intelligent use of resources and a variety of technical strengths in the filmmaking game including editing, cinematography, color, sound, music and more. No matter where the strengths and weaknesses may lie, the filmmakers may have a thread of passion and love that connects each of the ten tales together. That filmmaking thread cultivates and showcases the passion to create films that make you think, connection, and appreciate the filmmaker’s minds and spirits! With unique visions through each lens and a canvas that enters the viewer into each world, the female filmmakers are vast and include such film companies as TOETAG, JABB PICTURES, DEATH HUG FILMS, MYSTERIOUS MANSION PRODUCTIONS, KARMIC COURAGE PRODUCTIONS plus five more.

As we continue to celebrate “Women in Horror”, remember one thing… This partnership of opportunity, talent and storytelling in the end should not matter what gender but the quality each filmmakers brings. Check out this compilation of short horror filmmaking in “The Collective” Volume 3 – “10 Minute to Live” from JABB PICTURES. Pick up your copy right now at


Women In Horror Month 2016! Your Top 3

Throughout the month of February here at Indie Mac User we have been celebrating the 7th annual Women in Horror Month. To help celebrate the great women of the horror genre we have been running a survey to find out who YOUR favourite Women in Horror is !!!!


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