God Rest Ye Deadly Gentlemen – ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ films ranked

By Paul Grammatico

It is now the season where families come together, have holiday dinners, playing seasonal music, exchanging various gifts, make merry with others, and; of course, Santa Claus. In the current environment we reside in as lockdown is required this holiday, I hope the situations above will return in 2021.

Getting back to the man in the red suit; in many parts of America, Mr. Claus is considered a jolly man who gives presents to ‘good’ children and ‘bad’ children get coal in their stockings. Films in the United States view Santa and everything that surrounds him as being good. This was exemplified in such classic films as Miracle on 34th Street (1947, 1994) and The Santa Clause (1994).

But in 1984, Tri-Star pictures flipped the script on Santa by creating Silent Night, Deadly Night; turning the iconic man of Christmas into a killer and would birth a slew of numerous evil/killer Santa films that are still going strong nearly four decades later.

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Review: Bernice Summerfield – The Christmas Collection

Review by Jacob Licklider

Celebrating Christmas, and any other winter holiday, in 2020 is going to be one of those weirder experiences to avoid the further spread of an already taxing pandemic. So leave it to Big Finish Productions to come along and bring Lisa Bowerman in to record a Bernice Summerfield anthology celebrating the season with the ‘First Lady’ of Big Finish. New listeners should know going in that this is an anthology showcasing Benny throughout her life (after her travels with the Seventh Doctor), and is written without heavily relying on the continuity of the adventures and can be enjoyed separately. This is something that I am grateful for, especially as until very recently the single releases of the Bernice Summerfield range have only been available on CD (and Series 7-11 still are as of writing this review). It means that you can just listen to this rather affordable audiobook and enjoy 10 very different stories of the season from 10 very different authors. Continue reading

Merry Christmas from IndieMacUser!

We’d like to wish all our readers and friends around the world a very Merry Christmas…however you chose to spend it. 2014 has been a busy year for us and we can’t wait to share some of the exciting articles and events we will be bringing you in 2015.

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