Blu-Ray Review: Birth of the Living Dead (2013)

Birth of the Living Dead is a documentary detailing the production of the George A. Romero’s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead which is widely regarded as inventing the modern zombie genre as discussed in the film; directed by Rob Kuhns.


The film was made for an ultra-low budget ($114,000 estimated) by a group of new amateur film-makers & investors in rural Pittsburgh U.S.A. Romero at the time was involved in a video production company making commercials after dropping out of college.

The original interviews are well shot and look great on Blu-ray. There is also a good mix of original interviews and archive footage throughout as well as animation.


The film features a lot of screen time with Romero himself, up-close and personal; which is a real plus. There are also great interviews with others involved in making the film as well as retrospectives from others in the business.

Also featured is a teacher that teaches his students literacy through film, including the Zombie movies of Romero.

Special Features

4/5 – This disk is good quality but lacking in additional special features.
A must-have for Romero fans.

There are still copies of this Limited run Blu-Ray from Zavvi.
Also available as a two-film set with Night of the Living Dead.

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