Support Indie Film – Lake Eeerie (2014)

From husband and wife team Chris Majors (director/producer) and Meredith Majors(writer/producer/star); Lake Eeerie is a new indie horror/thriller starring Betsy Baker (The Evil Dead), Lance Henriksen (Aliens/Terminator) and Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks). Due for release worldwide in 2015.

Young widow Kate (Meredith Majors) moves into an old house Lake-Eerie-Poster- - 24x36on Lake Erie to recover from her husband’s death. The house has not been lived in for over 40 years. From the moment Kate moves into the house, she is soon haunted by a dark presence. Kate is taking multiple pills/ medications for her anxiety and depression; therefore, she is not sure if she is losing her mind or if the haunting is really happening.

Kate is suddenly enveloped by a whirlwind of tragedy and dark forces, and must decide whether or not she is strong enough to fight back and figure out the evil truth before it’s too late.

Principal photography on the film has already been completed; however the film-makers would like to raise additional funds to further improve the film in post-production such as Sound Design and Visual effects. A great range of perks are available including Blu Rays of the final film, autographed posters, T-shirts, custom-made jewellery, IMDb producer credits, and much more.

Lake Eerie Kickstarter Campaign – Please give generously and support indie film. 

This has all the makings of a great haunted-house horror/psychological thriller.
Horror/Special Effects legend Robert Kurtzman (Evil Dead II) is also involved in the project so you can expect some of his trademark spine-chilling character design/make-up and horrifying effects.

The producers found a great main location for the film; which wan an actual reportedly haunted house, largely untouched with it’s original 1920’s fixtures & fittings.

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