Horror Month: Interview with Christine Elise McCarthy (Childs Play 2)

Horror Month – June 2015

MV5BMjEyODM5MDA0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjI1MjE1MDE@._V1_UY317_CR127,0,214,317_AL_We spoke with actress Christine Elise McCarthy; known for her role as Kyle in Childs Play 2. She has also had many other Film roles including Vanishing Point, Body Snatchers and TV roles including recurring characters in ER and Beverly Hills 90210.

“….The other thing I loved was – at the screening – seeing that iconic Universal logo at the start of the film. I am a huge film fan & old movies always started with those classic images – like the MGM lion.  Seeing the Universal logo made me feel like a movie star.”

What were your experiences like working on Child’s Play 2?

1368206491_13_fullIt was my first big job & I was insanely excited. I would hang around on set on my days off & after I was wrapped. I just loved every second of it. The hard part was that Alex was a minor and child labour laws applied to him so they had to shoot him first in every scene to get him out in time. Chucky took 7 or 9 puppeteers to work & they all were union guys so – Chucky was expensive to have on set – so they would shoot him after Alex & send those guys home.  The result was – if you don’t see those guys actually in frame with me – it means they probably were not there.  I did a lot of acting looking at coloured pieces of tape in the spots where Alex or Chucky were supposed to be.   It was challenging and, of course, I felt ridiculous doing it but I still loved every second.

What was your relationship like with co stars Alex Vincent (Andy) and Brad Dourif (Chucky)?

Alex was a baby so – I treated him like a little brother.  I got back in touch with him a few years ago at a convention & he told me he remembers me as the person that was nicest to him during the shoot – which is sweet.  He grew up to be a great guy!  Brad – I only met him once.  We met so he could rehearse the scenes with me but then he went & recorded them in a studio.  He never came to set.

What is your best memory from working on the film?

Meeting Brad Dourif was a highlight because I have always been a huge fan of his.  The other thing I loved was – at the screening – seeing that iconic Universal logo at the start of the film. I am a huge film fan & old movies always started with those classic images – like the MGM lion.  Seeing the Universal logo made me feel like a movie star.

Where was Kyle in Child’s play 3?

That is a question for Don Mancini.

Your character Kyle faced off against Chucky and survived would you return onscreen as your character?


ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!!!!!   I would LOVE to come back!

Are you a fan of horror films yourself?

I am not a huge horror fan – especially most of the big franchises like Halloween & Nightmare on Elm Street.  I like the original films but never got into the series.  I like films like Let the Right One In & The Exorcist, The Strangers & You’re Next but I am not a fan of slasher stuff.

You’ve played many TV roles over the years; which has been your favourite?

China Beach was my favourite because it was such a great show & because they gave me great stuff to do.  It was an early job for me & I felt very challenged by the material & very proud of my performances.  Plus – I am still friends with a few folks from that show.  90210 & ER are highlights, as well.  ER was made by a lot of the people that did China Beach so my experience there was similar.  90210 was a phenomenon & being a part of that was a singular & exciting experience.  And Jason(and his family) are still family for me.

If you could play a role from any movie which would it be any why?

That is a tough question but the first thing that came to mind was – something badass.  Then La Femme Nikita popped into my head – so I am going with that.  But Anne Parillaud killed it – so I don’t think I could improve the film – but it sure would have been a great job.

What is your favourite film of all time? 

That changes a lot but I love Blade Runner, Chinatown, Seven Year Itch, Man Bites Dog, The Killing, Blue Velvet, Vampire’s Kiss.  Best two TV shows ever are Twin Peaks & The Wire!

Do you have any upcoming projects?
I wrote a dirty-funny novel called Bathing & the Single Girl.  www.Bathingbook.com  It is based on a short film I wrote & directed – https://vimeo.com/16327655.  

I just shot an episode of Hit the Floor.

I have a film being released soon – https://www.facebook.com/TheLivingstonGardener?fref=ts  

and I am shooting a short film this month – https://www.facebook.com/parachutekidsfilm?fref=ts 

And I have a food blog – http://www.delightfuldeliciousdelovely.com/

– so yeah!

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