Interview with Louise Jameson (Leela – Doctor Who)

We had the pleasure of interviewing actress Louise Jameson who played female companion Leela. Louisejameson

I am currently writing an episode of Survivors for Big Finish




What inspired you to become an actress?
An absolutely brilliant teacher called mrs tipping who taught me drama from 11 to 16 and literally got me into rada with her conscientious, dedicated encouragement and my mum who supported me every step of the way.

Did you ever watch Doctor Who before you were on it?
Yes – saw the very first episode!!!

You portrayed Leela in 9 stories (40 episodes) – out of these which was your favourite episode?
The Sunmakers.


How would you describe the character of Leela?
Feisty – Intelligent – Un-educated – Moral – Visceral – Sensitive – Instinctive



What was it like working with 4th Doctor Tom Baker?
Not easy… Although now he is an absolute dream and I would consider him a good, good friend – so no point in raking over the past.


You have reprised the role of Leela numerous times for Big Finish – what has been your favourite part of these audio dramas?
Seriously – working with tom – in a way that back in the 70s i wouldn’t have thought possible.  He is currently inspirational and funny and lovely to be around.

Have you watched any of the revival episodes?
Do you mean the new series?  If so, yes, and I absolutely love it,

What has been your favourite role?
Ever?  Blanche in Tenko.

If you could play any role which would it be and why?
This is a hard question – I love new writing so in a way I would say that I want to be presented with the perfect role – … Of the classics I think I’d like a crack at madam arcarte (forgive spelling) from Blythe Spirit – or Lady Bracknell from The Importance Of Being Earnest or the wife in Death Of A Salesman.

Do you have any upcoming projects?
I am currently writing an episode of Survivors for Big Finish, plus about to record 4 stories of Doctor Who with Tom Baker.  I am currently performing in Love Loss and What I Wore at the mill at sonning – runs until the end of September – I am filming a short called The Masnavi Algorithm – also writing stories for children (available for download on my website)- writing a children’s musical (waiting to hear back from polka theatre) and playing good fairy in the Tunbridge Wells pantomime of Cinderella this coming Christmas.

You can follow Louise on Twitter.

Also check out her website.

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