Review: Torchwood – The Last Beacon

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Well this is exciting! Not only another awesome Torchwood release, Starring Gareth David-Lloyd at Ianto & Burn Gorman as Owen Harper, but it’s written by the former as well. After spending so long walking and more aptly recently talking in the shoes of Ianto he gets to put words in his mouth in every sense.Let’s start with that paring of Ianto & Owen. Inspired. A perfect odd couple match up, with Ianto wanting to prove himself and being so glad to be in the Welsh countryside and city boy Owen wanting the job to be done and to get somewhere more urban, no doubt with a nightclub. Both actors play their parts with great relish.

Then there is the script. It’s clearly a love letter to this part of Wales and the communities which as balmy as they might sometimes seem have a love of one another and their village. The idea of the superstition of rural Wales meeting a real life alien presence works perfectly too. I remember visiting towns and villages just like the one here from so many camping trips with the scouts and I can picture this playing out so vividly. The bittersweet ending, I won’t spoil; but it’s perfect.

It’s just from start to finish a powerful combination. Gorman and David-Lloyd’s acting, the writing by David-Lloyd and direction rounding it off nicely by Scott Handcock. The entire supporting cast is amazing too. I look forward to hopefully many more scripts from Gareth David-Lloyd soon, keeping up the best traditions of Torchwood. 10/10.

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