Jay & Silent Bob Reboot HMV Exclusive BluRay – Review

Written, directed, edited by and starring Kevin Smith – ‘rebooting’ his 2001 comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back; Smith has described Jay & Silent Bob Reboot as “literally the same fuсking movie all over again”. It is the seventh film in the View Askewniverse. The film also stars Jason Mewes, Harley Quinn Smith and features many cameos including Jason LeeBrian O’HalloranBen Affleck , Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon. The film is now out on DVD, BluRay and VOD in UK – including this exclusive limited edition Blu-Ray release from HMV (Region 2 UK release). 

Following the beloved stoner duo Jay & Silent Bob on yet another road-trip adventure (which deliberately sticks to very similar but updated plot points as ‘Strike Back’) the film also focuses on Jay meeting his daughter Millenium Falcon (Played by Smith’s real life daughter Harley Quinn Smith) and we meet a new ‘Girl Gang’ (Aparna Brielle, Trashelle Edmond, Alice Wen). The movie also riffs on the Hollywood trend for rebooting existing properties with diverse casting, modern technology, comic-con culture and trends. It’s an incredibly ‘Meta’ experience as Smith even appears as a version of himself as the director of the ‘Rebooted’ fictional ‘BluntMan V Chronic’ movie.

This movie could easily be described as a cavalcade of callbacks and cameos; with many references to Smith’ previous films and pop culture in general. For those that are not intimately familiar with the ‘Viewaskewniverse’ and Smith’s other previous works a lot of the references and gags may not work and it might be a slightly dis-orientating experience. For Smith’s fans though this film is a thank-you letter and buffet of fan service that should delight most of his fan base and even features psuedo-sequel sequences to ‘Chasing Amy’ & ‘Dogma’. It also manages to have some surprisingly touching moments that deal with fatherhood and life in general; possibly informed by Smith’s recent post heart-attack outlook.

This HMV limited edition features an exclusive Slip-cover with artwork similar to the US release.
There are also four art-cards featuring two stills from the movie and two poster artwork cards. The package in general i found to be attractive and of high quality although inside of the slip-cover is the standard UK Blu-Ray featuring the UK artwork.

Special Features 

-Extended cast interviews (approx 59 mins)
This featured interviews with many of the main and ‘cameo’ cast (including Matt Damon & Ben Affleck) as well as Smith himself discussing many aspects of the film and while not being a full making of it was a decent featurette that gave a lot of insight into the films production.

-Blooper Reel (approx 10mins)
Does what it says on the tin – including some lines that were changed or cut in the final film.

-Hair Highlight reel (approx 4 mins)


It’s a shame that no full ‘making-of’ or other featurettes are included and there is no commentary track; although Smith has said this will be released separately in podcast form.

4/5A must have set for fans of Kevin Smith and his works.\

This edition is now sold out online and there is a limited stock in HMV stores.

There is a standard edition BluRay available for order from HMV and Amazon

The DVD can be ordered from HMV and Amazon.
The film can be streamed on Amazon Prime and most other platform.

Official Jay & Silent Bob merch is now also available from Amazon.

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