Under-Rated Slasher Films

Underrated Slasher Films to Get You Ready for Halloween

Halloween may look slightly different this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate with a movie marathon filled with some good old slasher films.
While the movie industry may be a hiatus right now, this gives us an opportunity to look back at some underrated movies that may have been overlooked in the past.

One Night of Fear (2016)

You can check out the review we wrote on One Night of Fear, if you want the full scoop on this indie slasher. But to put it simply, this film is for fans of the classic 80’s style slasher films – with an indie edge to it. The plot was inspired by true events, particularly the unexplained stories of vanishing campers and hikers in the Ocala National Forest. Eerie and unsettling, the film relays themes of brutality and survival amidst the backdrop of some slightly haunting woods. The cat and mouse chase between a mysterious looking beast killer and its victims is sure to keep you away from camp sites for the foreseeable future.

Rampage (2009)

Although it shares a name with a film released in 2018, Uwe Boll’s crime-action-slasher film is very different. Set in a small town, Rampage already has one of the core elements that’s integral in a classic slasher film. A nihilistic young man named Bill abhors society and his own life and decides to take matters into his own hands by lowering his town’s population. Fully believing that this will avenge the world’s problems, he builds a full-body suit with Kevlar armour, a paintball mask, and a ballistic helmet. He embarks on a literal rampage throughout the town. Among the countless unnerving turn of events, Foxy Bingo recalls a chilling scene where Bill deceptively blends in with the rest of society during a bingo game, where he replaces the caller – unbeknownst to everyone else in the hall.

Tourist Trap (1979)

Now to kick it way back to the era when the slasher film genre was born, we have Tourist Trap. It may have been lost in the sea of slasher films released in this period, but that doesn’t take away from its overall creepiness. The movie is terrifying, to say the least. Filled with masked killers reminiscent of Michael Myers in the Halloween movies and overly realistic mannequins, it is a nightmare come true. Albeit utilising the familiar trope of a group stuck in the middle of nowhere, Tourist Trap throws in some supernatural manifestations to make it truly unique. This slasher flick also features some telekinesis – adding to the bizarre abilities possessed by the mannequins.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)

An ode to infamous villains like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is very meta in its approach as a mocku-mentary. Taylor is an aspiring journalist who is attempting to create a documentary on the titular serial killer, in the hopes of discovering a villain’s impulses. However, Taylor is naturally in for surprise after surprise, with multiple homages to slasher film conventions. This movie is never what you expect, and it reels you in for a ride, leaving you unsure of whether to laugh nervously or close your eyes in anticipation for the next scare.

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