Hellraiser: Judgment getting UK Blu-ray release

Hellraiser: Judgment is being released on Blu-Ray and streaming in the UK for the first time by Lionsgate on March 1st 2020.

Hellraiser: Judgment is is the tenth installment in the Hellraiser film series created by Clive Barker and stars Damon Carney, Randy Wayne, Alexandra Harris, Heather Langenkamp, and Paul T. Taylor. It , written and directed by the series’ longtime special make-up effects artist Gary J. Tunnicliffe. The plot centers on three police detectives who, investigating a series of murders, are confronted by the denizens of hell. The film expands the fictional universe by introducing a new faction of hell, the Stygian Inquisition, who are distinct from the recurring Cenobites. The Cenobites offer sadomasochistic pleasures to humans who enter their dominion, while the Inquisition processes the souls of sinners. Tunnicliffe plays the Inquisition’s auditor, a prominent role in the film.

Announced extras on the set include a gag reel and deleted/extended scenes and it can be pre-ordered now. 

Also coming to Blu-Ray on March 1st 2020 is the previous installment Hellraiser : Revelations

It is the ninth film in the Hellraiser film series; written by Gary J. Tunnicliffe and directed by Víctor García. The film follows the fates of two friends who discover a puzzle box that opens a gateway to a realm inhabited by sadomasochistic monsters known as the Cenobites.

Pre-order now from Amazon

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